Charley Worthey

Charley grew up in a small town in southwestern Kansas. He has always found joy in connecting with people. For a time, this was found in making others laugh through the means of theater, stand-up comedy, and competitive acting. It wasn’t until college, that he found a love for reading books and admiring what he calls “beautiful ideas.” Soon after, he realized he needed to connect with people on a deeper level, besides just making them laugh. As he realized his passion for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he narrowed his focus to speaking to the hearts of people about the important spiritual things in life. Charley spends his time speaking and writing.

Erica Worthey

Erica grew up in a small town near Kansas City. She attended Ottawa University, where her and Charley met. She majored in Biblical Studies and Business Administration. She enjoys watching sports, being active, reading, and writing poetry. Erica spends her time creating content and performing the administrative duties for Worthey Ministries.

Why Am I Here? Understanding the Purpose of Life

How do I find meaning in life? What is God like? Does God care about me? How do I become a better person? If God is good, why is there so much suffering? What is the afterlife really like? Why am I here?

Everyone is asking the same questions. To find the answers, we need to understand God's plan for humanity. This process involves four different stages:

-CREATION shows us what God intended our lives to be like
-The effects of THE FALL help us understand why we suffer and who is to blame
-God offers us THE SPIRITUAL RENEWAL to heal our relationship with Him
-The process will be complete and the world will be perfected at THE FINAL RENEWAL

Only by studying these four stages can we navigate through our toughest days, deal with out pain, and understand the purpose of life.

The Undeniable God

If truth can be known; shouldn’t it be embraced? If the existence of God can be proven; shouldn’t that truth be fought for?

The claims of Christianity can be understood very easily through the means of basic ideas, science, prophecy, and the impact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is as simple as 1+1=2. And yet, we live in a world that is being overpowered by an anti-God agenda. It has gone from mere disagreement to fully blown discrimination against Christians. Sadly, we have done a poor job defending the truth. It is our duty to understand the truth, embrace it, and defend it. It’s time we take a stand for what is right and begin leading our nation back to God.

The truth must be fought for. Without it, we lose everything.

Why Am I Here? (click here)

The Undeniable God (click here)